A Favorite Occupation
At the controls of my favorite tower clock.

At the controls of the 1816 Stephen Hasham tower clock on its 175th birthday.  My first and still my favorite.
Maxfield Parrish: peaceful night

The church in which it was placed in 1816 is immortalized in Maxfield Parrish's 1950 painting "Peaceful Night".

To date, research on Stephen Hasham (with Frederick Shelley), Benjamin Morrill, Jedidiah Baldwin, Jabez Baldwin, Phinehas Bailey, Hiram Todd Dewey, Nathan Hale, Daniel Burnap, Jonathan Fisher, and John Osgood has been completed and published, or has been submitted for publication.

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More blowing of the personal horn.
Replacing the hands on an 1875 Howard.
Replacing the hands on the 1875 Howard in Bradford, Vermont,
after repairs on the clock.

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