American Street Clock Makers

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Seth Thomas

Ansonia Street Clocks

We know of no installation locations for either tower or street clocks.  However, a street clock is illustrated in a post-1879 catalog.

Balzer Family Clock Works

City State Clock
Owner Date

Topsham, ME Yes Border Trust Business Center 2008
Joseph Barborka Street Clocks

City State Clock
Owner Date

New York City, NY No McAlpin Hotel 1899

Brown Street Clock Company
City State Clock
Comments Date

Alhambra, CA Yes (restored by NAWCC Chapter 116)
Covina, CA Unknown (now electrified?)
Monrovia, CA Yes

Denver, CO Yes
Loveland, CO Yes Some question as to maker
Pueblo, CO Unknown

Pittsburg, KS Unknown

Murphysboro, IL Yes Electrified: installed approx. 1935

Owosso, MI Yes (moved from Traverse City)

Yazoo City, MS Yes Condition unknown; Anderson's Jewelry

North Platte, NE Unknown

East Derry, NH Yes Moved from Charlotte, NC

Winston-Salem, NC Yes Since moved to Salisbury, NC

Barnesville, OH Unknown
Chillicothe, OH Yes
Cleveland, OH Unknown
Medina, OH Unknown
Montpelier, OH Unknown
Newark, OH Unknown
(purchased 1915)
Oxford, OH Yes
Selina, OH Unknown

Salem, OR Yes

Clairton, PA Unknown
ca. 1919
Donora, PA Unknown
Finleyville, PA Yes
Ford City, PA Unknown
Hollidaysburg, PA Unknown
Monessen, PA Yes
Nanticoke, PA Unknown
Sunbury, PA Unknown
Whitehall, PA Unknown Moved from Pen Argyl, PA

Center, TX Yes
Longview, TX Unknown

Salt Lake City, UT Unknown A local contact suggests that the clock no longer exists.

Brattleboro, VT Yes
(installed 1908)

Centralia, WA Yes Electric rewind
Olympia, WA Yes Electrified
Snohomish, WA Yes Electrified

Elkins, WV Yes Electrified
Keyser, WV Unknown 1 of 2 clocks (see Piedmont, WV)
Piedmont, WV Unknown Moved to Keyser, WV
Sistersville, WV Unknown
Weston, WV Yes (now in South Carolina)

Cedarburg, WI Yes
Milwaukee, WI Unknown

Andrew Stephen Hotchkiss Street Clocks

City State Clock
Owner Date
Chicago, IL Unknown American Clock Co. Pre-1877
Indianapolis, IN Unknown J. H. Colclazer Pre-1877

Springfield, MA Unknown Hallett & Bucklands Pre-1877

Baltimore, MD Unknown B. & O. R. R. Depot Pre-1877

St. Louis, MO Unknown L. Bauman & Co. Pre-1877

New York, NY Unknown T. Kirkpatrick Pre-1877
New York, NY Unknown C. H. Phelps Pre-1877
New York, NY Unknown American Clock Co. Pre-1877

Memphis, TN Unknown F. D. Barnum Pre-1877

Salt Lake City, UT Yes Utah State Bank 1872**
**This clock has a case made by Robert Wood, an iron founder at work in Philadelphia, PA, from 1838 to 1866, who cast ornamental objects of many different types.  No other clock cases are known with Wood's signature cast into the base.

The truncated base, too small to hold a normal street clock movement, appears to be a distinguishing characteristic of Hotchkiss street clocks.  The clock movement would usually be housed in the basement of the establishment owning the clock, and the dial(s) driven via a leading-off rod under the sidewalk.  The clock illustrating this page clearly shows the truncated base.
These data are taken from a "CATALOGUE of A. S. HOTCHKISS' TOWER CLOCKS, manufactured by SETH THOMAS CLOCK CO.," dated May 1, 1877, published by the American Clock Company of New York City.

Edward Howard Street Clocks

There are so many Howard tower and street clock installations--worldwide--in various places that their installation locations are treated elsewhere.  Go to the The Howard Records, and use your browser's "Find" function to search for post clock (search criterion is "PC") installations.

Joseph E. Jessop Street Clock
City State Clock
Comments Date

San Diego, CA Yes One of a kind. 1907

Joseph Mayer Street Clocks

City State Clock
Comments/Owner Date

San Francisco, CA Yes Albert S. Samuels 1910

Beaverton, OR Yes Charles Schubert ????
Portland, OR Yes William R. Johnson (Possible Mayer.) 1928

Bremerton, WA Yes John Moeller 1928

(The case of this clock is by Palcar-- of whom nothing is known to this author.
[See below notes.] )
Bremerton, WA Yes Jorgen Nelson 1928
Mukilteo, WA Yes Mrs. Robert McBride 1984
Puyallup, WA Yes Robert D. Johnson 1970
Renton, WA Yes Garlands Jewelers 1910

(Howard case; Mayer mov't.) I suspect this is in error--Mayer
used Howard movements, and had his cases cast locally
Seattle, WA Yes Ben Benton 1911
Seattle, WA Yes Carroll's Fine Jewelry 1913
Seattle, WA Yes HSPA*** 1907
Seattle, WA Yes Mark Mayer 1984
Seattle, WA Yes City of Seattle 1985
Seattle, WA Yes Histmic (sic) Seattle 1984
Seattle, WA Yes Ben Bridge 1925
Seattle, WA Yes C. Cantrell 1932
Seattle, WA Yes Hardy's/Harry Arold 1904
Spokane, WA Yes Larsen's Clock Ctr. 1980
Tacoma, WA Yes City of Tacoma 1987
Wenatchee, WA Yes Le Roi Burton 1926

Victoria, British
Columbia, Canada
Yes Francis Jeweler (Possible Mayer.) 1910

***Historic Seattle Preservation Authority


These data are taken primarily from "STREET and TOWER CLOCKS of the State of Washington," a survey of the State of Washington, carried out and published in 1989 by members of NAWCC Chapters 53, 89, and 135, to whom I extend my thanks.

This is an admittedly incomplete list of Mayer clocks.  If you know of others, please let me know.

Joseph Mayer was evidently one of the few who rushed to Alaska in its Gold Rush days, and made his fortune.  Most returned poorer than when they left the Lower 48.  Regardless of the source of his funding, Joseph Mayer and Brothers started a jewelry manufacturing and wholesale business in 1897 in Seattle, Washington.  Joseph split off in 1922, forming the Joseph Mayer Co., which specialized in street clocks while Mayer Brothers concentrated on the jewelry side of the business.
Mayer was an agent for the Edward Howard Company of Boston, Massachusetts, one of the leading street and tower clock manufacturers in the country.  He designed and had the clock cases cast in Seattle and bought the movements and motion works (dial drives) from Howard.  His foundry is said to have been the Pacific Car and Foundry & Co. in Renton, Washington.  This later became known as PACCAR, so I suspect the "Palcar" above is a bit of careless orthography.  In later years, Mayer manufactured his own movements and motion works, probably purchased the cases from a foundry, and set up clocks up and down the West Coast, until his death by his own hand in 1930.

Ten Seattle Mayer Bros. (sic) clocks have received landmark status.  The below listed clocks are also mentioned in the same article.  The list is presented as I received it, as its construction is rather difficult to decipher logically.  The Puerto Rico installation is rather interesting, as no other Mayer clocks are known east of the Washington/Idaho border.

George M. Stevens Street Clocks
City State Clock
Owner Date

Boston, MA No Hotel Woodcock ????
Boston, MA No Shuman Company ????
A Hotchkiss Street Clock

Stevens street clocks also have a distinctly truncated base, and had the movement housed in the basement of the establishment owning the clock.  The dial(s) were driven via a leading-off rod under the sidewalk.  There are no known existing examples of Stevens street clocks.

Seth Thomas Street Clocks

Due to the thousands of clocks installed by this company, the records are treated elsewhere.  Go to the Seth Thomas Installations web page, and use your browser's "Find" function to search for post clock (search criterion is "post") installations.

Seth Thomas Locale Records

This listing will yield--usually--a name that may well be that of a jeweler.  It will NOT yield a specific clock installation, only the name of the owner, or the building in which it was installed.

Seth Thomas Installations.

This listing will yield the type of clock, whether tower, bracket, or post (street) clock, and approximate date installed.  The reader will have to do his/her own cross-correlation to determine whether the clock in question is the one sought.

There exists, in microfilm format, a further listing of tower and post clock installations.  This listing has not been transcribed by anyone willing to post the listing on a public venue such as this--but it has been partially transcribed, in that the most interesting items of the installation are available, but not all the minutiæ are recorded.  This third list contains all the pertinent data peculiar to a particular clock installation, viz:

Tower Clock A/C July 16/77
City Hall, Holyoke, Mass. $700. net
care A. S. Hotchkiss
1 #14 Tower Stk. Mov't arranged for four 8 ft. plain dials
4 prs. Gilt Hands--heavy.
4 Setts Gilt Figures
2 centre pieces 3 wheels each
2 double 12 in pulleys
2 single 12 in pulleys
1 double 10 in pulley
3 Single 10 in pulleys
1 Square shaft 1 1/2 inches (one that you have with 3 arms.)
1 80 lb Hammer
300 ft. cord stk side
175 ft. Cord time side
Bell above the mov't.
2 Sec. Pend heavy--gravity escap't.
3 Intermediates for Lge Size Couplings to match--2 with brass hubs to use for tin pipe.

And so on, for many pages and volumes.  Unfortunately, there is no ready means of correlating the three existing lists with one another, excepting an attempt by Javier Albinarrate of Argentina at his website:

Tower Clocks of the World (This site was temporarily down, but has recovered.)

for which he is to be commended.  Of the dog-in-the-manger who has partially mechanized this third listing, no more will be said, except that a copy of that data would go a long way toward correlating the three available lists.

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