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The Seth Thomas Tower Clock installation records.  These records are by no means complete, but they will give you a starting point in your search for information on your clock.

If you know of an installation that doesn't appear herein, please email

Remember that clocks made by A. S. Hotchkiss are also listed as Seth Thomas installations, but bear little resemblance to Seth Thomas tower clocks.

In an effort to reduce your search time, the files have been broken down to make them of approximately equal size.  The column headings are fairly self-explanatory.

The American listings are fairly complete as to data.  The foreign listings seem to suffer from a nearly total lack of geographical knowledge by whoever made the entries.  The "Page" column refers to entries in an entirely different set of records.  Each complete file takes a while to load.

Listing Index:

Alabama to California     Colorado to Delaware     Florida to Illinois     Indiana to Lousiana

Maine to Massachusetts     Maryland to Montana     North Carolina to New Jersey

New Mexico to New York     Ohio to Pennsylvania     Rhode Island to Wyoming

Foreign Countries

Seth Thomas Records

The above listing is taken from a Seth Thomas catalog of approximately 1920.  It only lists the state, city, and the building in which the clock was installed or the business that purchased the clock--no dates and no model numbers.

An Index to Seth Thomas Serial Numbers

This Index is taken from the record book (Books A through W) microfilms.  It does not cover Books V and W.  That portion of the index was never microfilmed, or no longer exists.

Installation Records of Other Makers
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George M. Stevens Records
Pollhans-Hoffmann installations
Early American Tower Clock Makers

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